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PrimaJolie "My Most Beautiful Face" Skin Kits

100% All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Kits

PrimaJolie Rose Hush Skin Kit featuring Amazing Organic Marula Oil

PrimaJolie Rose Gold Skin Kit featuring Premium Organic Argan Oil

PrimaJolie Skin Kit – Good Nutrition for your Skin!

A Skin Care System Like No Other!

Kit Contents:

  1. PrimaJolie Premium Organic Floral Hydrosol to tone, balance and calm skin and enhance mood.
  2. PrimaJolie All Natural Humectant (derived from coconut and/or palm oil - never soy) to greatly boost hydration
  3. PrimaJolie Premium Organic Beauty Oil to create a protective barrier that locks in the moisture while also providing extremely rich anti-aging nutrients to your skin.

Most Beautiful Skin, Gorgeous Hair and  

A Luxurious Experience awaits you!

PrimaJolie – Where Beauty Happens Naturally!