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PrimaJolie Skin Care 101

Keeping It Simple

Everyone wants to look young and healthy!


But the truth is MOST people are walking around with very dehydrated skin!

Healthy Hydrated skin is one of the most important things to staying young looking.  

And PrimaJolie's "My Most Beautiful Face" Skin Kit is one of the most important things you can do for your skin.  

To genuinely achieve healthy vibrant skin, you need to keep it hydrated and nourished on a regular basis using natural ingredients.   

You can put on the most beautiful clothes, have the nicest hair and nails but if your skin looks dull, drab and dry because you do not care for it correctly, your missing that crucial factor!     

Just like you need to eat healthy to feel and look your best, your skin also needs to be nourished and hydrated well to look and feel it's Most Beautiful.

Skin needs a few basic things:   






Restore/Repair and Minimize Damage   

There are things you can do to repair some of the damage that has already been done, but wouldn’t it be wiser to prevent much of that damage in the first place.   

PrimaJolie has the same advise for those of you with young skin as it does for those with more mature skin:   START NOW with the PrimaJolie "My Most Beautiful Face" Skin Kit - It's Good Nutrition For Your Skin!

PrimaJolie has combined three of the most powerful substances found in nature to optimally hydrate, nourish and protect your skin :   

An all natural organic toner   AND   

An all natural humectant   AND   

An all natural organic nutrient-rich beauty oil     


First, you need to start with an all natural toner to smooth, calm and balance. 

But the next steps are the Key! 


To truly hydrate your skin, you need to combine an all natural humectant with a nutrient-rich beauty oil to provide lasting results.  

You see a humectant is a substance that draws moisture to the surface of your skin and hydrates.  The emphasis is on all natural because, unfortunately, many of the products and so called moisturizers currently being sold are synthetic because synthetic ingredients are usually cheaper. They will moisturize in the short run but often they work by pulling moisture from the deeper tissues below your skin but they do not replenish the moisture lost so, in the long run, your moisturizer can actually be dehydrating your skin and aging you. An all natural humectant will draw moisture to the surface of your skin and also replenish the moisture thereby truly hydrating your skin.  

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to use a quality, all natural humectant with a premium beauty oil to obtain significant and noticeable results. 

A beauty oil is an emollient and it is the next vital step in the process to nourishing and preventing damage to your skin from the elements. Beauty Oils works best and most powerfully with a humectant by acting as a barrier or seal to lock in that moisture while at the same time nourishing your skin with essential fatty acids, protective antioxidants, and vitamins to feed your skin.  A quality, all natural beauty oil is truly nourishing food for your skin.    

American women are beginning to appreciate what European women and women of Asia have prized and appreciated for centuries - Beauty Oils make the best treatment for your skin!

The PrimaJolie Premium "My Most Beautiful Face" Skin Kit provides an all natural Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol toner, an all natural Humectant derived from coconut and/or palm oils (no soy) and one of the best Organic Beauty Oils that exist for virtually all skin types, 100% Premium Organic Argan Oil in our Rose Gold Collection or 100% Premium Organic Marula Oil in our Rose Hush Collection.    

- PrimaJolie’s Premium Organic Rose Hydrosol will tone, smooth, calm your skin and prepare it for the next two steps while also helping to enhance mood. It makes for a truly relaxing and luxurious experience. 

- PrimaJolie’s All Natural Humectant will help to deeply hydrate and moisturize.  It's like giving your skin a tall, refreshing glass of water. 

- PrimaJolie’s Premium Organic Argan Oil or Premium Organic Marula Oil will help to seal and lock in the moisture while also protecting your skin from the elements, and nourish and protect with powerful nutrients such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that are naturally found in Argan and Marula Oil.    

Argan Oil is a nut typically derived from Morocco and is affectionately nicknamed Liquid Gold that is why we named our kit featuring Argan Oil "The Rose Gold Collection".  Argan Oil grows in a very harsh climate and as a result the oil develops powerful antioxidants and vitamins in order to protect and allow the nut to survive, grow and flourish in such a dry and challenging environment. These protective nutrients are retained in PrimaJolie Organic Virgin Argan Oil and that is what makes it such an incredible beauty oil for virtually all skin types.      

Marula Oil comes from South Africa and is affectionately called Africa’s Beauty Secret that is why we named our kit featuring Premium Organic Marula Oil "The Rose Hush Collection". Marula Oil is naturally rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid as well as Vitamin C which are ideal for deeply hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin while also reducing redness and improving skin elasticity making it particularly beneficial for dry and/or mature skin. It’s simply amazing!       

PrimaJolie Premium Organic Argan Oil and PrimaJolie Premium Organic Marula Oil are the perfect beauty oils because they do not clog pores, both are naturally extremely nutrient rich and very light weight. They have superior and quick absorption and will not leave you with a greasy feeling. Very light weight and versatile, you can use them for face, body, nails and hair. Also wonderful for taming frizzy hair and split ends. You only need a few drops to achieve incredible results.  

It’s important to note that many argan oil and marula oil products being sold today are refined and often mixed with synthetic chemicals. PrimaJolie Organic Argan oil and PrimaJolie Organic Marula oil are virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed Premium Oils – nothing else! Because they are unrefined, they retain their vital and rich nutrients.   

One final note, when you purchase our PrimaJolie "My Most Beautiful Face" Skin Kit, you are helping women’s cooperatives in Morocco and Africa that are helping to develop a sustaining and thriving business for their families.   

You are also helping us with our three little PrimaJolie babies, Scott, Alexa and Jordan. Yes, triplets!!!  They love PrimaJolie too!